I just finished watching the latest Balmain fashion show and as always I have no words for it. Olivier Rousteing seems to have an endless supply of creativity…

I am not exactly into men’s fashion but when it comes to Balmain, I make an exception. I mean you have to. His creations scream inspiration, next trend, and perfection.


First, you should definitely watch the whole thing to know exactly what I am talking about (you can watch the show on the Facebook page).

The particularity of his collection over those of any other designer is how he is able to mix a classical Coco Chanel style with a strong modern twist, making it the trendiest collection of the season with sequined jackets, studs, embroidered lace, baroque swirls, fringe and so many more add-ons that reflect Rousteing’s personal wardobe.




The collection also illustrated a strong sentiment of national pride. Despite the presence of obvious US elements in the show like stripes and stars; Rousteing really put the emphasis on his love for France, not only through the french music playing during the show, but especially when he appeared in a mariniere cardigan at the end, representing France thriving in the 80’s.


I can’t wait to watch his next show to see what else he has in store for us…